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Thinking Of You Love Poem

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Thoughts of love

As my mind wanders to thoughts of love
It is always you I am thinking of,
I see your eyes so dark, so very fine
Making me wonder how you became mine.

Hair so dark, so long down to your waist
Lips so sweet, such a wonderful taste,
You feel so soft when you are in my arms
Melting my heart with all of your charms.

To feel the current, so intense, sublime
I know that you are very sweet and fine,
Making love with you is more than heaven
To know you love me, a blessing given.

My thoughts of you make my heart beat faster
To ever lose you would be such disaster,
I could never live without you now my dear
As you are the one for me, is so very clear

So listen to the words I write for you
All that you ever say to me, as well as do
Makes it clear you are my heart and soul
Thoughts of you could never become old.
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Comments (4)
Sonu (05 Jan,2011)
I like dis poem...
Partha (05 Jan,11)
Good one...
sushmitha (31 Aug,10)
thoughts are as beautiful as they touched my heart and still passing in to mind...
Yathish (21 Jan,10)
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