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Spirit Of Christmas Poem

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What Christmas mean to you

Christmas what does it mean to me
it is when all my family gets along, mostly
the greatest of all gifts God did give
was the gift of joy and allowed us to live

You ask me what it means the harder it becomes
it can't be calculated into equations or sums
Christmas means so much because everyone gets along
not that they fight all the time, don't get me wrong

It is so much fun when i get to meet all the people
and not worry about anything legal
not worry about my aunts or uncles fighting over things
they can't put a price on Christmas, never even diamond rings

Christmas is my favorite time of year because everyone is happy no one is sad
you think back on the old year and all the great times that you had
I wish each day were Christmas because then it would bliss
for me Christmas would be someone no one should miss

But each year there are people who miss out
because their country is in a drought
I wish I could honestly bring it to them
and give them some of my memories

Everyone desires at least a little bit of joy in their lives
if only for one day a year then it would be so very nice
I wish I could help but what could I possible do?
Nothing but write this poem and give it to you.
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