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Deeply sorry

I?m sorry of being so emotional
I?m sorry of being so possessive
I?m sorry that I cry for you
I?m sorry because I can?t live without you

I?m sorry for the tears you shed
I?m sorry for the damage I made
I?m sorry I?ve made you sick
Sorry I hurt you so deep

I?m sorry for giving you sleepless nights
I?m sorry for each and every fight
I?m sorry for your pain & agony
I?m sorry for the missing harmony

I?m sorry for my selfish love
I?m sorry for not caring enough
I?m sorry for my restlessness
I?m sorry for the losing grace

I?m sorry my friend I made you mad
I?m sorry darling you are so sad
Sorry for not giving you any happiness
Sorry because it?s my disgrace

I?m sorry and sorry again
I?m sorry of being insane
But believe me that I love you
Should I say sorry for that too?
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marrian (23 Jan,10)
i love ur poem....it remindz me about my pazt...i really love it...keep d good work...(zmilez)
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