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I admit I made a mistake
Over stepping some boundaries
which made me look fake.

I always said I would never do the things I did,
and that is the reason it is so hard for you to forgive.

It's been so long,
so many times we said we'd try
only to turn around
and make each other cry

Remember how it was when we first started out,
So much alike, we shared every thought
We fell so fast, maybe fell in love too soon
Made a huge decision that now we cannot undo.

I admit my mistakes but can you admit yours,
I have paid for what I've done
as you have paid for yours,
so why is it like this,
we can't even talk.
You call me liar and say you don't care
All the while my love for you is still there

I never meant to hurt you,
never wanted to cause you any pain
Since you left me 5 months ago
My life hasn't been the same.

I owe you so much,
I have so much to prove to you,
So I will end this with the hardest thing I'll ever have to do,
Goodbye baby...I will always be in love with you.
Publisher :- Christina
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Christina (10 Jul,2012)
Hey! this is my poem..lol pretty cool whoever published it here gave me my proper credit...thats awesome! lol Love it!
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