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Patriot Day Poem

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I remember nine eleven like it was yesterday

I remember nine eleven like it was yesterday
It began so ordinary with nothing much to say

I remember eating breakfast while planning out my day
Drumming my fingers on the table thinking "It's all mundane"

I remember going to work complaining about the traffic
The kids at school were probably already bored in their classes

I remember rushing to class wishing I'd studied for the test
Daydreaming then about who would win the next football game

I remember playing with my friends on he playground at school
And all of us were wishing that it was time to go home

I remember boarding a plan that was bound for D.C.
I had my plans and could not wait for them to begin

I remember the news which spread like fire across the nation
It said this country was under attack by unknown terrorists

I remember the chaos the terror the fear as the tower came crashing down
It was soon followed by the tower of American unity and strength

I remember the last words that were said over the phone
And I fell to my knees in tears as my world came to an end

There are so many things I remember about that tragic day
Including the thought that I will always remember and never forget

September 11, 2009
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