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Tiffany Jane

A little angel was given to us
her eyes so bright and smile so sweet,
you would almost think she had been here before.
I look at you my Tiffany Jane with a heart of love and joy.
You my little angel were like a gift from above,
a prayer answered, a plea heard.

You are your father's pride and joy,
and your brother's favorite toy.
You look at us with a certain knowing
and a laugh of glee that almost
says I to am glad to be with here with you.

The fulfillment you have
brought to this family runs so deep
it is like a never ending river of happiness.
As we watch you grow and change we are richer with
every smile and look of love on your tiny face.
You, my tiny teeny Tiffany, are so special in every way I will love you more every
precious day of my life.
With all my heart and love.
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