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Mothers Day Poem

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Greatest creations are mothers

Would I be wrong for saying that Godís
Greatest creations are mothers?
For He has given her all the qualities
That sets her apart from all the others.

He created the sun, the moon and the stars
And placed them in the heavens to grace the skies,
And He has given mothers the same sparkle and twinkle
Every time she looks into her childrenís eyes.

He planted an amazing garden
And made sure it was equipped to produce and sustain life,
And every time I look at you I know why
Eden was such a paradise.

As you walk through your garden
Nourishing it with tender loving care,
The humming birds sing songs that
Serenade the world with music in the air.

Iím sure that you were the inspiration
Behind the sweet fragrances of the flowers,
And that your beauty was what He used
To create Mayís flowers from Aprilís rain showers.

And I know the love that He placed in you
Is a love that causes great sacrifice,
It is the same love that God has given the world
And the same love that made Jesus give His life.

You are Godís heavenly creation,
And you have been the greatest mother to me.
In you, I feel all His love, His power,
His strength, His glory and His majesty.

You make me feel that all things are possible
And that I can mount the wings of eagles and soar,
Every time I feel like giving up,
Your encouragement helps me to give a little bit more.

I thank God that He gave you to me,
You are such a wonderful and caring mother.
God has given you a beauty and integrity
That sets you apart from all the others.
Publisher :- Aretha Abrams
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