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I find I'm missing you

In the morning when I wake up
And I open up my eyes,
I feel an aching in my heart
That's when I realize.
How much I really miss you
And long to have you near.

My heart is filled with sadness,
And my eyes are filled with tears.
At different times throughout the day,
I find I'm missing you.

And I wonder if, perhaps a bit,
Maybe you miss me too.

I miss you in the shower,
When I'm in there all alone.
And when I want to hear your voice,
And call you on the phone.

When I check my e-mail
And find there's nothing there.
I can't help it that I worry,
And I put you in my prayers.

I think by now it's safe to say,
That I miss you very much,
And my heart will never be the same
Since it suffered Cupids touch.
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