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Merry Christmas Poem

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What's Christmas?

Once more the Christmas has arrived
For me and for you
It's a date to everyone get glad
And get amused united, re-united

Christmas' the Love's spirit
It's time of giving, everybody of us, the hands
And thank to God for everything we had conquered
And attained through the year

The Christmas' trees are full with message cards
The lights placed on them are radiating
Meanwhile the children sing
And your fathers get entertained talking to each other
Everything's in perfect harmony

This is the Festivity that expected
Represented by the Spirits' Greatness
Portrayed by inward Force from each of us
Expressed by the supreme God's Will

Christmas' the charm's time
When the lights that adorn everything are on
It's Christmas when the Sun, for everyone of us, shines
In this beautiful hot summer's time

Christmas' Day
A party to everybody of us share happiness
Celebrated everywhere
Heating each heart up
Christmas' Day: a meeting with all the Families
Christmas' Day: a re-union with immense links

Until the next Christmas, I desire the Families will be better
I desire too the friends will be happier
That the vital Spirit lasts within each of us
And that, finally, everybody lives always pleased

Happy Merry Christmas
Publisher :- Light's Magus
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