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I wouldn't be me without you

Now for the first time you can look in my eyes
and see my smile is so true,
and its all because I fell in love with you.

You are every breath I take,
along with every step I make.

You're my whole world,
my heart and my soul, you give me
a love, that cannot be controlled.

The day I met you is a day I'll never forget,
It's like cupid shot and arrow and I got hit.

You're the only one who can
make me smile for no reason at all,
and every time I do, deeper in love with you
I fall.

I love everything about you,
you are just perfect to me,
and every time I think about the future
you are all I see.

I love you, my love
and every bit of this is true,
I just wouldn't be me without you
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mahalqoh (30 Jul,10)
i luv u s mch mahal ur enrythng 2 me,...ur mre than anything,......so priceless
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