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Meeting you

She was as happy as could be
It was something you could both know and see
She felt like the strongest person ever born
She knew her happily beating heart would never again be torn
She had everything she could ever ask for
She was sure she'd never want anything more
A strong girl who was never offended
For she's one whos heart would never need mended
Trust me, nothing can ever bring her down
Not even the heaviest, toughest pound
She always walks with her chin up high
She loved how she'd never again have to cry
As strong as you are, you could never put her down
On her beautiful face never layed a single frown
She's so lucky she's not put in the shame
Of being with a guy and his shitty game
She was on top of the world once again
Her prayers were answered, an angel, God did send
For her it was more then a dream come true
It was the day she met you!
Publisher :- EmmAlee
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