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Childs Christmas

Children's Christmas
Wee loved ones so sincere,
Their happy loving Christmas
Fill wee ones all good cheer.

Christmas fun starts straight away
When Christmas tree, decorations
Show Christmas on the way,

Oh thoughts of Santa on the sleigh
Little thoughts just can not wait
To be on Christmas day.

As we adults think us back on time
To blissful happy childhood ways,
Well we know our childhood days
Filled us in our realms,

And every coming Christmas
Filled us in our dreams.

Christmas eve dreams kids to sleep
Wee heads sleep pillow Christmas glow,

Sweet dreams see Father Christmas
Come reindeer through the snow,

Christmas morning church bell chimes
Ring church bell Christmas sounds,
Little feet jump out of bed
Think Santa been his rounds,

And quickly rush to find their toys
All through Christmas day
Wee hearts just fill in joys,

Every Christmas day the same
Sure look next time and see,

Look wee darlings through their eye
To see all happy full of glee.

And this our children's Christmas
Wee blessed ones so sincere,

Happy loving Christmas
That comes us once a year.
Publisher :- Gerald Follis Lurgan
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