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Let Patriotism Stir

I love this place called Canada, my Heaven as it were,
A place of rugged wilderness and forests full of fir,
A land of snow and winter cold, an awesome place to live,
A place that has so very much and many things to give.

A place with Rocky Mountains and a place with prairies, flat,
A place with snow and tundra, and a place with Welcome Mat,
That welcomes those from nations which don't treat them with respect,
A place where they can plan their lives and know what to expect.

A place to raise their children and place to dream their dreams,
A place to know the promise of a life without Regimes,
A place to live in freedom and express the way they feel,
A place where they can really find the things that help them heal.

A place to live in harmony; a place where freedom dwells,
A place where they can live in peace, not listening for the shells
Which take the lives of innocents, the old and very young,
And lay them in the ditches as if they were common dung.

I love this place that many call their home, "The Great White North",
This place where people congregate or travel back and forth,
This place where peace and solitude are things we know so well,
Where friends and neighbours gather and where love and patience dwell.

The jewel of North America, a nation under God,
A land of awesome beauty, which is high and low and broad,
Let's rally round and sing her praise; defend and honour her,
And as we sing "O, Canada", let patriotism stir.
Publisher :- David Ronald Bruce Pekrul
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